Auctions provide you with access to a huge selection of top-quality, low mileage JDM vehicles at competitive prices. If we don’t currently have what you are looking for in stock, we can find exactly what you want through the Japanese auctions. Any vehicle that is 15 years or older can be imported to Canada. Once you have found the perfect vehicle, Authority Imports Inc. will handle the rest. Browse through our links to see what is available at the Japanese auctions!

Purchasing your JDM vehicle at auction has the advantage of allowing you to acquire the exact model you want typically at a lower price than the same vehicle would cost if it was already imported. Lower prices at auction are driven by the highly competitive auction market in Japan. Additionally, new vehicles are posted every week so check the auction portal frequently to find your perfect match.

Before purchasing at auction, you should be aware of some of the potential pit falls. This is an auction so it is not possible to see photos of every angle of the vehicle prior to purchase. This means there may be dings/dents/issues that you are unaware of. Limit this risk by using Authority Imports Inc. as your importer. With our connections and knowledge we can identify and inform you of any potential issues with the vehicle prior to purchase.

Auctions are very fast paced so if you see a vehicle you like, you will need to act fast to avoid missing out!

Use the link below to view our auction vehicles. Use the following login info:

username: guestonly1
Password: guestonly1

Auction Tips

  • If you see a vehicle in the auction portal that you like, let us know and we can translate the auction sheet for you to determine if that vehicle is the right fit for you.
  • Setting a maximum bid price does not always mean you will end up paying that price. Often bids are proxy bids. If you win this type of bid, you will only end up paying the second highest bid along with a defined increment.
  • Vehicles with reserve prices will only sell if the seller’s price is met. If the reserve price is not met, the vehicle will be re-entered into the auction at another time to try and achieve the reserve price.