The Import Process

Here is a brief breakdown of the import process. Please contact us for more information.

Purchasing at Auction – Direct Brokerage Cost : $949.99 (plus gst)

Step 1:

To purchase from an auction, a $1,000 refundable deposit is required and a contract must be signed. Once the deposit has been received, we will provide you with an invoice and Authority Imports Inc. will work with you to find the perfect JDM auto.

Step 2:

Once you have decided on a vehicle, a maximum price that you are willing to pay will be set and we will go to work to win the car within your budget. Since it is an auction you may even win the car at a lower price than your set maximum.

Step 3:

Once we win the vehicle, payment in full for the total vehicle and shipping fees must be received within 5 days since you will now be the official owner and all the paperwork will be in your name. This payment can be made either through Authority Imports Inc. or straight to Japan. We will provide you with instructions on how to send an international wire transfer should you choose to make payment directly to Japan.

Step 4:

The JDM vehicle will be shipped out on the next monthly ship and once it reaches Canada it typically takes about 4 to 5 business days for the vehicle to clear customs.

Step 5:

You have 2 options once the JDM vehicle arrives in Canada. You can either pick it up from port in Vancouver or you can have it shipped directly to your location.

Step 6:

The last step in the import process is to complete an out of province inspection. Authority Imports Inc. will either complete the inspection for you or provide you with the location of a reputable shop that you can take it to yourself.